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Viviludi is a Quebec company that designs board games focused on strategy, management and business management. Whether it is the management of resources, budget, actions or all these elements put together, the Viviludi board games will allow you to take up major strategic challenges and enter into an immersive realistic and above all unforgettable experience!

In addition, Viviludi designs board games with an eco-responsible approach and conscience. Board games are made from high quality and durable materials such as wood, recycled cardboard and bamboo.

With Viviludi, playfully live !

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You are a company boss and you need to manage a work team so you can deliver your IT projects.

You also have to find ways of improving your productivity in order to motivate your workers so they can deliver the projects more quickly.

Each project delivered to the client will improve your reputation in the market and will help you obtain larger projects.

Good game with an original theme, an easy-to-understand game combining well-established concepts in a new way, but that requires reflection to be successful.

Benoit R.

Does having First Player status give my firm a competitive advantage over my adversaries? Only one way to find out … Play the game!

Guy-André M.

You can implement a different strategy each time you play. Every game is a new game! Which to choose between quickly starting projects and efficiently increasing your expertise … to each game his answer!

Émilie A.

I really enjoyed the game’s build and complexity as well as the fact that aspects of project management are truly represented … all while having fun.

Colline G.

I found that resource management and the timing of actions have been well thought out. This is a really fun game to play.

Quoc-Hoa T.

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