Mr. Java
Have you ever wanted to run your own company? Manage people? Deliver projects? Experience all of this with the new "Mr. Java" board game!

The game involves an IT company, but running your own company is universal: managing actions, budgets, human resources, hiring consultants, improving team productivity and of course delivering projects on time to the client while of course meeting their needs!

Your work team is made up of 3 workers (a designer, a programmer and a tester), each with their area of expertise. In addition, your work team will have special abilities throughout game play.

You also are able to have 2 new workers at your disposal (a project manager and a project controller). These workers will enable you to pay less for project and productivity cards as well as being able to manage several projects at once and increase your team’s productivity.

A game is made up of 15 t0 30 game turns with a range of actions to choose from.

You must complete Level 1, 2 and 3 projects in order to gain certain rewards throughout the game, including reputation points. These reputation points will enable you to obtain certain advantages in order for you to win more complex projects which will reward you in excellence stars.

Victory points will be counted in different ways : The player with the most victory points at the end of the game wins.

Context of the game
In this game, you make your own strategic choices with regard to other players’ choices. The chronology of action choices is very important in order to get the best performance from your workers throughout the game.

The start, completion and presentation of the project to the client combined with the various possibilities of increasing the workers’ expertise and increasing the budgets, makes for a game that is a complex coordination and planning experience on multiple levels, while still allowing each player the chance to win at the game.
Game detail:
Mechanisms of the game