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Report missing or damaged parts

Please fill out the form below if you have damaged or missing components that need to be replaced. We appreciate you taking the time to contact us, and we want to make sure that you have the best possible experience of your game!

Please note that we are a very small company and shipping replacement parts is expensive, especially for larger items like a board, or to items outside the Canada. If you have missing pieces that will not affect game play, please consider the cost of replacing these parts before contacting us.

We cannot replace damaged boxes unless the carrier accepts responsibility for the damage and your full game is returned. Depending on the region, these processes may vary. Please fill out the form below and provide detailed photos of the damage, and the way the game arrived and was packaged in the box so that we can pursue reimbursement and get you a replacement copy.

Thank you, and we appreciate your patience with us!

Which product are you contacting us about?
Please detail what components are missing/damaged.
For damaged games, detailed photos of the damage and the way it was packaged (pictures of the game as it arrived in the box) must be sent to