• What does eco-friendly mean in your board games?
    • We use as little plastic as possible, integrate sustainable products (e.g. wood) and replace disposable components with reusable ones. (ex: a laminated score sheet)
  • Where can we get your board games? 
  • Where can I see your board game reviews and media?
    • You can consult our page Press room for more details.

Game - Mr. Java

  • During the "Research and development" action, which projects are considered completed?
    • All types of projects, whether or not they satisfied the client, are considered completed for this action.
  • What is the 2nd pawn of each player color for?
    • The 2nd pawn is used to take an additional action when you reach 100% productivity in Big business mode.
  • What happens if I do group training and only have one XP left on 2 different resources?
    • In this specific case only, you can train 2 different resources of 1 XP with this action.
  • If several of us get 15 reputation points, is there still a privileged partner?
    • Yes, the first player to reach 15 will remain a Preferred Partner until the end of the game.
  • Is it normal that turn #20 is at location #19?
    • This is indeed a mistake. Your game will therefore end at 1 additional space than # 20 identified on the board.
  • On page 11 of the rulebook, we mention in the examples that we must roll the red D8, is this normal?
    • There is an error in the rulebook, it should have read that we must roll the blue D6.
  • On page 12 of the rulebook, it is mentioned that the cost of the "First player" action is 30k but the action board indicates that it is free, which information is the correct one? 
    • There is an error in the rulebook, this action is nice and free.
  • On page 15 of the rulebook, it mentions costs of 20k and 50k for the action "Consultant" but the action board indicates costs of 40k and 70k, which information is the correct one? 
    • There is an error in the rulebook, the cost indicated on the action board is correct, i.e. 40k and 70k.

Game - Forestina: Borealis

  • When will we be able to play the prototype?
    • Beta tests are scheduled for Q4 2021.
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